Destroyer at Underground Arts, 3/8/20

By Matteo Petrera Vancouver group Destroyer, fronted by the famously peculiar Dan Bejar, played a packed Underground Arts this past Sunday evening in Philadelphia. Known for his introspection and cynicism, Bejar’s music produces atmospheric and sometimes anxiety-provoking waves of sound. Touring their newest acclaimed release, Have We Met, Destroyer are riding the high of one … Continue reading Destroyer at Underground Arts, 3/8/20

The Must-listen Releases From Summer ’19: Part 2 of 2

By Jackson Tarricone   Bar some obvious flops, 2019 has been an astounding year for all types of music from hip-hop to pop punk. This article will cover some of the best releases from this past summer. However, the main purpose is to highlight the ones that you may have missed. For this reason, some of … Continue reading The Must-listen Releases From Summer ’19: Part 2 of 2

Wilco Release Ode to Joy, Their Most Sonically Consistent Album in Years

"Nevertheless, the clarity of Ode to Joy stands out when compared to more recent Wilco albums which contain some odd tangents, such as “Common Sense” on Schmilco and even “Art of Almost,” the fantastic but still out of place opener of 2012’s The Whole Love. "

Camp Cope | First Utilitarian Church | 4.27

The sun was setting over the Schuylkill River as a crowd of all ages began to congregate on the steps of the First Unitarian Church on Saturday April 27th. Young men and women were eagerly exchanging hushed whispers about their excitement that the “three hurricanes from the bottom of the earth,” Camp Cope, were back to the city.

Stella Donnelly / Faye Webster | Johnny Brenda’s | 3.16

Matteo Petrera  I can count on one hand the times I’ve been to shows where artists’ vocal control and expertise can create a perfect, record quality listening experience. Seeing songs come to life with production-level vocal accuracy is not only amazing to catch in action, but extremely difficult to pull off for an artist. Stella … Continue reading Stella Donnelly / Faye Webster | Johnny Brenda’s | 3.16

Deerhunter | Union Transfer | 3.1

Matteo Petrera  Deerhunter, the Georgia-based group that has been a household name in indie music since their 2007 album Cryptograms, played Philadelphia’s Union Transfer for the first time since 2015, a show remembered by frontman Bradford Cox’s 20 minute tirade against Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan and guitarist Lockett Pundt’s riveting performance of ‘Desire Lines.’ Deerhunter, … Continue reading Deerhunter | Union Transfer | 3.1

Mutual Benefit | Everybody Hits | 2.22

Matteo Petrera Mutual Benefit, the music project of singer-songwriter Jordan Lee, opened for well known indie group Yowler on Friday, February 22nd at Philadelphia DIY hotspot Everybody Hits. Lee, coming off of his 2018 release Thunder Follows the Light, played alongside two of his constantly varying accompanying musicians to a large crowd that seemed to … Continue reading Mutual Benefit | Everybody Hits | 2.22

It Looks Sad. | Everybody Hits | 2.17

Matteo Petera  Hailing off their most recent release, Sky Lake, North Carolina duo It Looks Sad opened their tight-knit show at Philadelphia’s Everybody Hits by screaming out ‘Why do we die?” into the cold rainy evening. The dim, string-light lit scene created a melancholic mood as openers Peaer and Past Life shredded out some heavier … Continue reading It Looks Sad. | Everybody Hits | 2.17