Maddie Jay showcases her unique style of jazzy dream pop once again on “I Got You”

One of the hardest things about making music is finding a sound that is truly your own. However, as demonstrated by each of the three songs Maddie Jay has on streaming services, with “I Got You” being the latest, she does not have this problem. Her music is characterized by silky smooth vocals, funky but subtle basslines, along with quirky synth and guitar textures. “I Got You” features all of these elements and more, culminating in an incredible track.

After the intro, Jay admits that she locked herself in her room for a week so she could “get myself back to me.” The spacious verses and pre-choruses allow for the vocals to take center stage as Jay sings about her emotions and how she needs both sleep and peace. Following this, she says that despite the tears on her pillow,  “nothing’s that bad” because of the ambiguous subject of the song, “you.” 

At this point, the song explodes into a wave of soaring synths above a sea of rhythm that leaves listeners tapping along without a moment’s hesitation. The hook, simple as it may be, is amazingly effective. It ties the whole song together, inching the listeners’ finger just a little bit closer to the replay button with each repetition. The reason that this extremely vague hook works so well is because the other lyrics in the song, which are far more vivid, contextualize her brief declaration. 

The beauty of this song is that “you” could mean so many different things. It’s not necessary to know what was intended by “you” for listeners to relate the song to their own experience. It could be another person, oneself, or even a thing, maybe even music in the case of Jay. Regardless, it doesn’t matter; listeners can find their “you” to help them reach a state of bliss even during times of anxiety or whatever it is they may or may not be going through.


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