Dirty Heads | 7.18 | Xfinity Center – Mansfield, MA

Ryan Bowman

The weather didn’t look nice outside the amphitheater, but the energy was palpable under the cover of the roof and on stage as the 311 & Dirty Heads co-headlining tour stopped in Massachusetts. 311 has been around for longer than I have been alive and produced a baker’s dozen number of albums and are still rocking out today. Dirty Heads, by comparison, are a much more recent band but their roots and inspiration go back to the days of California ska-rock and Sublime. Fresh off two new releases and only a few weeks away from the new album release, Dirty Heads finished up the jam-packed show which was opened by Bikini Trill, Dreamers, and the Interrupters.

I’ve seen Dirty Heads five times before but their energy on stage is tangible every time they play. The introduction to “Burn Slow,” reverberated around the theater as the percussionists took the stage before Jared Watson who, along with Dustin Bushnell make up the two front-men of the band, emerged from the smokey haze rapping the intro verse. From there, the show was a whirlwind of older and newer songs, exemplifying the bands ability to transition from laid-back, acoustic ska to more upbeat rapping, and in some cases, combining both. For anyone who is a fan of music that just screams California beach and surfing vibes, Dirty Heads are a band that you need to listen to.

Check out pictures from the show below, and stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Jared!



Burn Slow
Franco Eyed
Mad At It
My Sweet Summer
Dance All Night
West Coast
Red Lights
Your Love
Lift Me Up
Cabin By the Sea
Lay Me Down
Super Moon
Moon Tower
Sloth’s Revenge
That’s All I Need

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