It Looks Sad. | Everybody Hits | 2.17

Matteo Petera 

Hailing off their most recent release, Sky Lake, North Carolina duo It Looks Sad opened their tight-knit show at Philadelphia’s Everybody Hits by screaming out ‘Why do we die?” into the cold rainy evening. The dim, string-light lit scene created a melancholic mood as openers Peaer and Past Life shredded out some heavier songs intertwined with easier, post-punk shoegaze melodies, setting the stage for It Looks Sad’s mix of shoegazey, nostalgia-inducing pieces.

It Looks Sad 1

Sky Lake, recently released in December of 2018, is the group’s first full length album and highlights the evolution of their sound away from their origins of late 2000’s post-punk and shimmery dream-pop. The group’s 2014 and 2015 releases, a self-titled 5 track EP and a 2 track EP, Kaiju, received serious attention, with songs like ‘Radical,’ ‘Creature,’ and ‘Nagoya’ spreading like wildfire through streaming sites. Sky Lake, with its approach towards a hazier, more laid back production, is somewhat different from their previous 2 EP’s which heralded to the sounds of Beach Fossils’ Clash the Truth and DIIV’s Is This the Are. Standing strong in their own way, songs such as ‘Sisters,’ ‘Drool,’ and ‘Faded’ off of Sky Lake definitely picked up some of the group’s old sounds in their live renditions, with guitarist and vocalist Jimmy Turner’s emotions pouring into the quiet crowd.

It Looks Sad 2

The group did bring back one of their more popular old songs off of Kaiju, ‘Creature,’ which prompted a somewhat overzealous crowd member to start chanting ‘Cold one for an old one’ and begin handing out beers to the entire group (and was soon removed from the venue). However, it was quite apparent that the rest of the crowd shared his excitement for the duration of the show, as It Looks Sad put on a performance that clearly showed their work is far from done and has a bright future ahead.
Radical (Into Mowgli)

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