Andrew McMahon, Flor, Grizfolk | The Met | 2.15

Ryan Bowman

To say Andrew McMahon has done a little bit of everything in music over the past twenty years would be quite the understatement. The front-man of Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin, and now Andre McMahon in the Wilderness, he has grown a devoted following over his time. His fans were on full display Friday night at the Metropolitan Opera House in Philadelphia. He was joined by indie rockers Grizfolk and Flor.

Grizfolk, an alternative band from LA with Swedish roots opened the show as the crowd began filing in and taking their seats. They played for about half an hour but kept the crowd entertained with a mix of upbeat guitar driven pieces and slower, emotional tracks.


Flor, the indie-pop band was next on stage. Their feel-good upbeat indie beats and synth were well received as the crowd started getting into it. The group’s debut album, come out you’re hiding was well received and got a lot of airtime on indie/alternative radio stations.



Andrew McMahon took the stage in dramatic fashion, entering the stage from underneath a giant stairwell where other band-member Zac Clark was situated on top of. He opened with “Everything Must Go,” the final track on his most recent release, Plastic Flowers. His almost two hour set consisted of a little bit of everything from his musical career, including songs from Something Corporate (“Punk Rock Princess,” “She Paints Me Blue,” “I Woke Up in a Car”) and Jack’s Mannequin (“MFEO,” “Swim,” “Dark Blue,” “The Resolution). Of course, he played songs of his three albums that he has released since moving on from Jack’s Mannequin including hits like “Cecelia and the Satellite,” “Ohio,” and “Fire Escape.”


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