The Wrecks | The Foundry | 11.27

Thomas Anderson

In the age of social media and instant access, it is easier than ever to discover a band you’ve never heard of and immediately tear through their discography. I stumbled upon The Wrecks about a year ago, because one of their songs was used in a YouTube video I was watching. This moment of serendipity a year ago would lead me to The Foundry this past Tuesday night to catch The Wrecks on their Panic Vertigo tour.

When the crowd first climbed their way upstairs to The Foundry, something that stood out was that there were four merch tables. A concert with three opening bands can immediately seem like a long night, but that was not the case. The Stolen started the night with a polished garage band sound, paired with catchy songs to track down later for a second listen. Deal Casino brought the energy with a more raw experimental sound, ending their set with lead singer, Joe Parella, jumping down to the stage from the rafters. Badflower rounded out the openers with a set that highlighted a heavier and moodier sound than their opener counterparts.


Late into the night, The Wrecks finally took the stage. They exploded into their set with their song “Figure It Out”. Immediately, lead singer, Nick Anderson, was leaning into and over the crowd, extending the mic for people to scream back the lyrics. The first new song of the night was “This Life I Have” which dove into the changes they’ve faced as they attempt to reach more people with their music. Coupled with a driving dance beat, the song is a positive direction for the band to be heading for the future.


After another crowd favorite, “Way With Words”, the band left the stage, leaving Anderson on stage alone. He commented, “We only have 27 minutes of music out in the world, so this show is going to have some filler”. This filler came in the form of more unreleased music, such as the acoustic “Rely”. The band rejoined the stage at the end of “Revolution” and broke out into their current alternative radio single “James Dean”. The standout new song of the night was “Freaking Out”. Techno inspired verses with lyrics ranging from Kanye West to paranoia transition into an explosive chorus of unconfident self-assurance.


The band closed their set with “Favorite Liar”, which is the song that brought them into the general public 3 years ago. The night concluded with an encore set that included a Jet cover and the final new song, “Life”. Attending a concert with many unreleased songs was an exciting experience, but The Wrecks need to release a new album soon. The best part of a Wrecks performance is the whole crowd screaming every chorus, and for now they are limited to their 8 released song. A night full of great music was capped off by the biggest and most charismatic group. The next year so will show if they can sell out larger venues in their future. Whenever they’re back in town, hopefully they bring along another amazing group of bands.


Check out the setlist below:

  1. Figure It Out
  2. I Don’t Like You
  3. Panic Vertigo
  4. This Life I Have
  5. Way With Words
  6. Rely
  7. Revolution
  8. James Dean
  9. Freaking Out
  10. Turn It Up
  11. Favorite Liar


  • Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Jet Cover)
  • Life

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