AJR | The Fillmore |11.3

Ryan Bowman

Family bands are fun gimmicks at a local talent show but rarely make it much further than that. AJR is different. Composed of three brothers, Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met, the trio started writing and producing their own music from a young age and have risen quickly to fame. Their debut single, “I’m Ready,” exploded into the charts and they released their debut album in December 2013. Their two follow up albums¬†The Click¬†was released the summer of 2017 and the deluxe version was released this past September.

It’s difficult to narrow down this group into one genre. They have aspects of EDM, trap, acoustic guitar, synth, and electropop someone contained in one single song and their show demonstrated every different sound. The trio emphatically took the stage to the sold out crowd screaming in anticipation as the brothers kept the crowd cheering. Their first song, “Come Hang Out,” was a perfect introduction to the show as the brothers invited the crowd to literally come hang out with them and enjoy the show. They continued with “Sober Up,” which features Weezer front-man Rivers Cuomo (sadly he did not make a surprise appearance but Weezer will be in Philadelphia next month).

The trio continued playing songs from their newest album including “I’m Not Famous,” “Drama,” and their incredible song about The Office called “Netflix Trip,” and a jam session of The Office theme song. Front-man Jack took some time reminiscing about the first time they played Philly across the street at The Barbary when they headlined, but had a not-so-great show. “Turns out almost all of the crowd was there for the opening band so we only had like ten people left when we started playing,” he laughed. “We didn’t want to come back to Philly because we thought everyone hated us.”

They finished up the set with two of their most popular songs, “Burn the House Down,” (which features the most catchy trumpet hook ever) and “Weak,” which has over 350 million streams on Spotify. These three brothers proved that they have a devoted following in Philadelphia that will turn out for them and that their live show is not something to be missed.

Check out pictures from the show below:


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