Vinyl Theatre Takes Off With New Album “Starcruiser”

Alison Nieto

Vinyl Theatre’s new album Starcruiser, is now available on all streaming platforms near you. Since amicably parting ways with their label, Fueled By Ramen, they have emerged with a new sound, which is evident with their new album. The album kicks off their Starcruiser Tour, which starts out on September 5th, in Chicago, IL. Alt-rockers Royal Teeth and The Catching will join them for the whole tour. “Starcruiser tour is a first on many levels for us. We’ve headlined numerous times but this is our first time in some of these cities and venues. We put together this tour and album in conjunction with one another making this the most intimate show we’ve done to date,” frontman Keegan Calmes said.

“Our Song” opens the album with a faint electronic sound, which reminds me a little bit of All Time Low.  The chorus is youthful and fun – something I could see myself singing on the beach or driving in my car with the windows down. “Our Song” is entirely different from previous records and ushers in a new age of Vinyl Theatre.

Another highlight is “Feel It All,” the second track on the new album. It’s more angsty than “Our Song,” and feels a little melancholy, as singer and guitar Keegan Calmes sings about how “we all get down and we all get high/ ‘cause everybody everybody all just wants to feel it all.”

“Knock Knock,” is another particularity catching song which totally reminds me of “Machine” by Misterwives. “Knock Knock” is another celebration of youth and growth. Calmes sings “in the sunshine/ makes me feel fine/ color my eyes out of my mind/ I’m alive yeah/ I’m alive yeah.”

unnamed (1)

“Starcruiser to us has been a journey of self-discovery and human resilience. Each song comes from a heartfelt and personal place and weaves its way through our lives and the lives of our family and friends. Through the caverns of anxiety and depression to the mountainous heights of victory and elation. This record wouldn’t be what it is without this tour and the inverse is just as true. This year we bring to you our best version of Vinyl Theatre we could create.”

Vinyl Theatre is an incredible example of artistic integrity. In a world where every song risks sounding the same, their unique sound separates them from other up and coming artists. The Starcruiser tour will be coming to Philadelphia on September 12th in the Foundry at the Fillmore (click here for tickets). It’s rare to find a band with a sound that matures with them. Vinyl Theatre is a band that has cemented its place in today’s music scene.

Stream the new album below:

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