Phoenix @ House of Blues 7.3

Ryan Bowman

What better way to spend the night before the Fourth than with the French indie band Phoenix. In only their second U.S. show in 2018, they played a sold out show at the House of Blues in Boston. They’ve come a long way since their first album United in 2000, releasing five more albums, winning a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album in 2010 for Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and playing almost every major music festival in the world.

The crowd came early and packed the barricade almost an hour before they took the stage. The lights dimmed and the crowd roared as the band took the stage before frontman Thomas Mars joined them, jumping into “J-Boy,” the first single released off the new album Ti Amo (2017), which was their first new music since 2013. They brought back some older hits like “Lisztomania,” and “Entertainment,” which instantly got the crowd excited.

Most of the songs they played were from their Grammy winning album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and older albums but they sprinkled in some songs off Ti Amo. It’s hard to believe that the album came out almost ten years old ago – their energetic indie pop and guitar riffs still sound new and fresh live. They showed off their range from upbeat funk tunes (“Consolation Prizes”) to slower melodic pieces like, “Love Like a Sunset,” and “Goodbye Soleil.” They finished off the night with their most famous song, “1901.”

Check out pictures of the show below and the setlist below that:


  1. J-Boy
  2. Lasso
  3. Entertainment
  4. Lisztomania
  5. Trying to Be Cool
  6. Drakkar Noir
  7. Role Model
  8. Consolation Prizes
  9. Rally
  10. Too Young
  11. Girlfriend
  12. Love Like a Sunset Part I
  13. Love Like a Sunset Part II
  14. Ti amo
  15. Armistice
  16. Rome
  17. If I Ever Feel Better
  18. Goodbye Soleil/Via Veneto
  19. Telefono
  20. Fior Di Latte
  21. 1901
  22. Ti Amo di Piu

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