Dirty Heads @ Blue Hills Bank Pavilion 6.9

Ryan Bowman

*Editor’s Note: This summer we will be expanding our coverage to include shows for our writers’ hometowns, so some reviews may not be from the Philadelphia area*

Saturday night brought the reggae-rock band Dirty Heads to Boston at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion for a night of good vibes and good music. Joining them on the summer tour was Pacific Dub, The Movement, and Iration. After three opening sets filled with reggae vibes, the crowd was amped for Dirty Heads to take the stage.

They took the stage to a remix of Bali Hai from South Pacific before opening with the bass-heavy, heart-thumping rap infused jam, “Medusa.” They followed up with another rap crazy song, “Franco Eyed,” featuring straight fire from co-vocalists Jared and Dustin. The six piece band from Huntington Beach relaxed it a bit with a more laid back vibe for the next few songs, featuring “Burn Slow,” “My Sweet Summer,” and “Your Love.”

The crowd was digging the entire set from beginning to end, especially when they moved into some older songs towards the end of the night. Featured older songs included “Lay Me Down,” “Cabin by the Sea,” and “Spread to Thin.” One of their last songs was their newest release with The Unlikely Candidates, “Celebrate.” They left the stage for a few minutes while the crowd continued cheering for them before the opening notes from “Sloth’s Revenge,” rang out and the crowd roared for their return to stage.

Their encore consisted of three of their most popular newer songs, “Vacation,” (my song of the summer), “That’s All I Need,” and “Oxygen.” The Boston crowd loved every song they played and kept dancing long after they left the stage.

Check out pictures from the show below:



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