Andrew McMahon & Friends @ TLA 4.25

DSC_0632Ryan Bowman

Wednesday night brought The Pen and the Piano tour to Philadelphia for the second night in a row at the Theatre of Living Arts. Andrew McMahon brought along some friends for a once in a lifetime, three hour acoustic performance. Andrew McMahon started his career with Something Corporate from 1998 until about 2005 when Andrew started up Jack’s Mannequin, a side project with Richard Hernandez and Bobby Anderson. Their debut album  under the new name, Everything in Transit, was finished on June 1, 2005  but that very same day, Andrew was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He received a stem-cell transplant from his sister later that summer on August 25, also marking the day Everything in Transit was released.

Needless to say, Andrew has been through a lot in the past twenty or so years of touring and life. This tour was special as he was joined by former band-mates Bobby Anderson, Allen Stone, and Zac Clark. The show had a Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood theme to it, with a cozy house set-up featuring a piano, fireplace, and bookshelves. Andrew’s friends joined him on stage throughout the night and Andrew also left the stage so Bobby, Allen, and Zac could play some of their own songs as well. All in all the show went on for a little over three hours, featuring Something Corporate songs, “I Woke up in a Car,” “Punk Rock Princess,” and “Watch the Sky.” They also performed some songs from Jack’s Mannequin including, “I’m Ready,” “Swim,” “Dark Blue,” “Holiday from Real,” “The Mixed Tape,” and “Bruised.” And of course some from Andrew’s most recent project, Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness: “High Dive,” “Canyon Moon,” “Love and Great Buildings,” “Walking in my Sleep,” and “Rainy Girl” where Andrew was joined by his daughter Cecelia on stage.

Check out some pictures from the show below:

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