Matt + Kim @ Electric Factory 4.22


Ryan Bowman

I feel like “party” is more apt a word than “concert” to describe a Matt & Kim performance. If you’ve never been to a Matt & Kim show, try to picture a rave but with a drummer and a keyboard player trying to one-up each other on energy for every song. The duo is made up of Matt Johnson (vocals/keyboard) and Kim Schifino who met while studying at Pratt and quickly hit it off, moving from house shows to playing Lollapalooza in less than three years.

After over ten years of shows and tours, the duo still has as much energy performing to 100 people at a house show to 10,000 at a festival. After taking a year off due to Kim tearing her ACL during a performance (which she managed to continue playing a few songs after), the duo was excited to get back on the tour life.

Sunday night was truly a party, featuring confetti canons, crowd-surfing, Matt & Kim originals as well as their own remixes of DMX, Van Halen, 50 Cent, Afrojack, Dr. Dre, and many more. They are one of those bands that have as much fun performing as fans do seeing them perform, and honestly could be having more fun sometimes.

Matt & Kim have released a few new singles and are preparing to release their sixth album Almost Everyday on May 4th.

Check out some pictures from the show below:

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