Passion Pit @ The Fillmore 1.14


Ryan Bowman

Passion Pit returned to Philadelphia for the first time in almost three years to a sold out show at The Fillmore. A creation of the musical genius that is Michael Angelakos, Passion Pit was born while he was at Emerson College creating songs on his laptop. Over the past 10 years, his rise to fame in the alt-rock/indie circles has made Passion Pit a household name for fans. The debut album Manners came out in 2009 which included one of the first songs he ever wrote, “Sleepyhead,” and other songs that quickly caught the attention of the Boston music scene and radios. Since then he has released three more albums, Gossamer (2012), Kindred (2015), and A Tremendous Sea of Love (2017).

Angelakos has been especially vocal over the years about issues like mental health, education, and healthcare services. All the profits from his recent album went to a psychiatric research institution in Cambridge, MA. In an interview in 2012, Angelakos detailed his diagnosis of bipolar disorder when he was 18 and the frequent hospitalizations he has had since then.

After a local Philly band and a band called Slenderbodies opened, the lights dimmed and the band came out to roaring cheers and burst right into the upbeat, “I’ll Be Alright.” The set featured older songs like “Sleepyhead,” “Take a Walk,” “Little Secrets,” “To Kingdom Come,” as well as a few newer songs off of Kindred. He didn’t play any songs off of A Tremendous Sea of Love which was a bit of a surprise, but the set stayed more on the upbeat/dance style.

Check out pictures from the set below.

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