Flying Lotus @ Electric Factory 11.4

By Scout Oatman-Gaitan

I’m not a fan of movies in 3D, but I am a fan of Flying Lotus in 3D. Concert-goers at the Electric Factory Saturday night were welcomed with 3D glasses to see experimental electronic artist Flying Lotus in action. Music and visuals have gone hand-in-hand for Flying Lotus so 3D glasses left no doubt that both would be emphasized.  Though his most recent album You’re Dead! released in 2014, Flying Lotus has kept busy making his directorial debut with Kuso, a horror-comedy that premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2017. In the music world, he’s a producer that can’t be confined to a genre. He makes intricate beats that have seen the accompaniment of Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, and Earl Sweatshirt, among others. I first found FlyLo through Adult Swim for his psychedelic video to “Zodiac Sh*t” with a beautiful color palette and stunning transitions. Since then, I’ve been drawn to his music and especially to his music videos. FlyLo brought the best of both worlds to the Electric Factory by realizing the colorful, psychedelic world that his music resides in.

The stage centered around FlyLo’s podium that, in one light, looked like a tree stump and in another looked like purple slime. Behind him was the screen where all the 3D spectacles took life. He began with “Getting There,” but the song was only a diving board into an improvised session that ended as something unrecognizable from the recorded trackthis process continued with “Ready err Not.” It was great to see an artist shy away from relying on the safety of their hits and instead craft their music live [think jazz or jam bands]. He covered Kendrick Lamar’s “Wesley’s Theory,” messed around with a couple Thundercat tracks, and rapped as his alter-ego Captain Murphy. The crowd’s involvement peaked while rapping along to Kendrick’s verse on “Never Catch Me” near the end of the show. There was no encore. While the music was top-notch, those in attendance stared past Flying Lotus and fixated on the 3D journey going on behind him while he did his work. It was as if we got to see a bunch of scrapped video ideas and experimental effects that haven’t seen the light of day yet. As expected from Flying Lotus, his show was way more than just a concert.

He mentioned an album “coming soon” and a tour to follow, promising to stop in Philadelphia once again. He will continue his tour until November 22, where he concludes in Portland, OR. If you plan on seeing him, and I recommend you do, be ready for something more than music. For more information on Flying Lotus, see for tour dates, music videos, and albums. Check out pictures of the show below.


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