Misterwives @ The Fillmore 10.21


Words: Kyle Erickson Photos: Ryan Bowman

This past weekend I attended the Misterwives concert at the Fillmore, but this start begins long before this weekend.

Back in July a friend of mine asked in a group chat if anyone would be interested in going to a concert for a band called Misterwives.  I vaguely recognized the name, and after a quick Spotify search I recognized hearing a few of their songs.  I then spent the next two hours of my day at work listening to Misterwives and decided I liked their sound enough to go to the concert.  

Flash forward to October 21.  After two amazing opening bands, Misterwives comes out on stage and the main event begins.  All in all the concert was amazing, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a sucker for a kick-a$$ female vocalist.  Just watching the band it was clear that they loved performing.  Between the playful dancing of the band members, the kan-kan performance, and Mandy Lee, the lead singer’s, ear-to-ear smile throughout the whole concert it was hard not to see the band’s love for music and performing.  

Check out below for pictures from the show:


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