Two Door Cinema Club @ Electric Factory 9.30


Ryan Bowman

Two Door Cinema Club played the Electric Factory on Saturday night for one of their last shows of 2017. They brought with them Circa Waves, the indie rock band from Liverpool whose British-infused indie rock set the stage perfectly for the night. Circa Waves played songs off their first two albums, Young Chasers (2015) and Different Creatures, which was released earlier this year in January. They finished off with their hit single “T-Shirt Weather,” before promising an incredible set from Two Door Cinema Club.

The lights dimmed, and Alex Trimble, Kevin Baird, and Sam Halliday walked out to an incredible ovation before bursting into “Cigarettes in the Theatre,” their first song off their debut album Tourist History. The first portion of the set was older songs, including “Undercover Martyn,” “This is the Life,” and “Changing of the Seasons.” From there, they played two songs off their most recent release, Gameshow (2016) including, “Bad Decisions,” and “Lavender.” A good majority of their set was from their first two albums, which I appreciated as I wasn’t a huge fan of Gameshow. The fans definitely appreciated it as well, jumping and dancing to oldies like, “Something Good Can Work,” “Sleep Alone,” and “I Can Talk.” Their final song before the encore was “Sun,” which would have been a perfectly acceptable ending to their set except for the fact that one crucial song had not been played yet. After coming back on stage and blasting through “Someday,” the lights dimmed and the spotlight fell on Alex for a melodic breakdown of “What you Know,” before the whole band jumped into the intro. Two Door Cinema Club’s set was intense, energetic, and left you begging for more, especially the longtime fans who missed more of the older songs. Check out pictures of the show below:

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