Bastille & Frenship @ The Fillmore 9.14




Ryan Bowman

Bastille brought the conclusion of the Wild Wild World Tour to The Fillmore for a sold out show with the electropop duo from LA, Frenship. With the release of Wild World back in September of 2016, Bastille has been touring almost nonstop for a year in support of the album. The band recently announced that they will be taking a break to finish recording and release their third album, scheduled for release in early 2018.

Frenship, made up of James Sunderland and Brett Hite burst onto the scene with their hit single “Capsize” featuring Emily Warren which has over 400 million streams on Spotify. Their EP Truce was released in September of last year and the band continues to gain fans as their songs are featured on alternative radio. Their finale was their newest single, “1000 Nights,” and brought the members of Bastille out on stage to celebrate their last show together on tour. They play a few more dates on the West Coast over the next month, and you can stay up to date on all things Frenship here. Check out pictures from their show below:


Next up was Bastille, who I hadn’t seen in over three years and was honestly extremely psyched to see again. They opened with the heart-thumping “Send Them Off!” and didn’t let up the energy for the entire night. Whether Dan Smith was blasting out the vocals from “Good Grief,” or toning it down on “Oblivion,” he captured your attention for the entire night. The band played an even distribution of songs from Wild World and their 2013 debut Bad Blood, appealing to fans of both eras. They capped off the show with their massive single, “Pompeii,” and were joined by the members of Frenship for one final party on stage. Check out pictures from their set below:

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