Concert Preview: The New Up @ The Pharmacy 5.17.17

TNU-After the PartyOn Wednesday, May 17th, San Francisco indie rock group The New Up will perform at The Pharmacy in Philadelphia. Comprised of ES Pitcher (vocals, guitars), Hawk Reid (vocals, guitar), Hawk West (automation), Nick Massaro (bass) and Art McConnell (drums), The group is currently on a North American tour to support their sophomore album Tiny Mirrors, released in early February of this year. Following their debut album Palace of Industrial Hope and three self-released EPs, Tiny Mirrors marks a move into more a more electronic space musically and a more topical space lyrically. Balancing both the effects of heavy personal experiences and the rifts caused by current events, The New Up creates a rough yet welcome sound that juxtaposes with the earnestness of the lyrics. On Tiny Mirrors, Pitcher says “It also reflects the fragmentation of our society and how, more and more, our differences are portrayed as a negative thing rather than a symbiosis of these ‘tiny mirrors’—like a mosaic.”

You can hear The New Up, along with Bucolic and Killer Whale, at The Pharmacy on May 17th at 8pm. For tickets and more information, click here.

Check out The New Up:

The New Up



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