Jon McLaughlin @ World Cafe Live 04.28.17

On April 28th, Jon McLaughlin delighted the crowd at World Cafe Live with his talented piano playing and angelic singing voice. On tour, to mark the 10th anniversary of his first album, Indiana, Jon McLaughlin played all the songs off of his debut album. Some songs he had never played live before this tour. A huge fan of Jon, this was my third time seeing him live and he did not disappoint.01625d3f58132139e93b50f06d7e516f6675dbe47e

Philly was one of the last stops on his tour, before ending in his hometown, Anderson, Indiana. While on other tours Jon would have additional accompaniment, this tour consisted of just Jon and his piano (and the occasional acoustic guitar). It always blows me away to see him play piano so effortlessly, not to mention his great singing voice and guitar skills!01526cd3f3e2553a8c60aa1cf25a7377072b43371b

McLaughlin played major hits from his first album throughout the night, such as “Industry,” “Beautiful Disaster” and “Indiana.” Clearly Indiana has a lot of meaning to him, as there’s a song and an album dedicated to his home state! In between songs, Jon would share funny, relatable stories with the crowd, making the atmosphere feel more intimate, personal, and even more enjoyable. By the end of the night, every person in World Cafe Live was on their feet applauding Jon’s performance.

Since Jon McLaughlin’s first album Indiana, he has released five other studio albums with Like Us being the most recent, released in October 2015.

For more information and tour dates, visit:

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