Great Good Fine Ok @ The Foundry 1.31.17


Ryan Bowman

On their second to last date of the tour, the Brooklyn based synthpop group Great Good Fine Ok brought their heart-thumping tunes to an intimate show at The Foundry. Taking the stage after the opening band, Flor, they entered with a vibrant light show accompanied by keyboardist / MalletKat player Luke Moellman setting the tone for the night. The opening notes to their newest hit single “Holding You” got the crowd cheering, and the rest of the band took to the stage. From that moment on, the show was a nonstop energetic dance party with the pulsing synthpop that has become the band’s staple sound.


They followed with another new song from the EP released just a few weeks, III with another heart-thumping tune, “Always.” The ensuing few songs were off of the EP released in 2014 2M2H, including the track they produced with St. Lucia called “Something to Believe In”. After playing through 2M2H, they bounced back and forth between III and their debut EP Body Diamond. Towards the middle of the set, they took the time to address the crowd and thanked them for coming out. “We’ve been on the road almost all month, but in a way we were just traveling to come back to Philly,” lead singer Jon Sandler said laughing.


The second half of their set was just a lively and energetic as their first half. One of the most unique things about Great Good Fine Ok is their ability to stay true to their sound, and yet every song has its own distinctive character. They saved their biggest song, “Take It or Leave it” right before the encore, and had the crowd chanting for more songs before they even got off stage. Mere seconds after disappearing into the back room, they ran back on stage smiling and waving. They finished their set with one of the songs that got eyes in the music industry turning their way, “Not Going Home.”

1-DSC_0090.JPG Something that makes seeing a Great Good Fine Ok show great (not just good, or fine) is that they are able to play just about all of their songs in one set. They range anywhere from upbeat, dance-your-shoes-off-stimulating beats to slower, melodic jams that feature either a ravishing solo from guitarist Carey Clayton or a keytar solo from Luke.


While their winter tour has ended, their fans are anxiously waiting for another tour or show announcements. Keep an eye out on their tour dates for updates and new announcements.

Check out photos from the show below:

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